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Ballet creatively expresses the full range of human emotions through physical movements and gestures. Most ballets tell a story, using mime, music, costumes, and scenery to reinforce the dramatic feeling. It's so gay, so bright, all the colors are brought together in a single rainbow of what a man can feel and do.

Despite its physical complication, the ballet cannot be just played or danced: it's the way people depict the life they live. It takes to be truly gay, to show it so bright, so deafeningly loud, lightening and filling with the sound of clapping hands not only their snow-blanked land but also the rest of the world. It takes a lot of strength and determination to reveal your tears and heart-beating to public, to mingle your true ego with the sparkling light of Giselle and Faun, Odilia and Cinderella. The house applauded, the lights were turned off, the dancers went away. But ballet never stops. The famous sensibility of the mysterious Russian soul made the ballet a la russe attain the highest tops in dancing and remain one of the most striking shows in the world culture.


Biography of Rudolf Nureyev (1938-1993)
Life and dance of the great Russian gay performer Rudolf Nureyev.

Spicy Life of Nureyev Accents Sex
Offstage, Nureyev was a denizen of gay clubs, but he was also known to dash out for sex between ballet acts...

FBI Watched Nureyev's Every Step
Was Rudolf Nureyev a Soviet spy? FBI opens its files.

Petrushka Was Poisoned
Did AZT contribute to Nureyev's untimely death?

The Endless Flight of Rudolf Nureyev
Article to the 60th anniversary of Rudolf Nureyev.

A Birthday Tribute to Rudolf Nureyev
Rudolf Nureyev's own story with The Bayadere. To the 61st anniversary of the dancer.

 Books about Rudolf Nureyev
Our selection of books about Nureyev that you can purchase on-line.

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