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"I can't understand why more people aren't bisexual.
It would double your chances for a date on a Saturday night."

Woody Allen

First goes a joke...

    - It feels so good, Masha.
    - I'm not Masha, I'm - Misha.
    - It feels good anyway...

Masha or Misha (male and female names in Russia) - bisexual people don't care. Feels good, but not really. Gays don't accept them as "their kind', don't agree with the policy of "pleasing both'. Straight people don't see the difference between bisexuality and homosexuality as well.

And when it comes to literature, Russian hardly has any.



Personals (English)
Our personals boards is large enough to accommodate people of any "kind". Remember: if you are bisexual, your chances double!

Friend wanted! (Russian)
Personals of Russian bisexuals and in Russian. If you cannot read Russian, you may try this web-translation engine. If the link does not work, please let me know.

Gay.Ru English Message Board
Double date for a Friday nite in Russia with another English speaking person? No problem, just post a message to our message board. Please check your grammar and spelling before posting.

Trans Message Board (Russian)
The only Russian message board for bisexuals. Personals to/from bisexuals are allowed.


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