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Students of major technical university believe that gays apply make-up and go to non-existing sex club

For the first time here in Baumanka gays and gay issues are openly discussed, says (an unofficial website of the Moscow State Technical University n.a. N.E. Bauman (MSTU)). On January 26, the popular student newspaper Studentcheskaya Pravda published an article on gays. website has made a poll on this article. From 92 students, 59% evaluated it as "shocking", 33% thought it was normal, 7% were unable to answer.

The other love article is not written by gay person. Pseudo-scientific words are intermitted with hackneyed facts on homosexuality of Tchaikovsky and Wilde, as well as with statements like "gays paint eyelashes with silver Indian ink" and "spend time solely in Barracks" (a sex club for bisexual men in Moscow that closed a couple of years ago). As the author has absolutely no idea about the real life of Russian gays, he founded his article on popular stereotypes about homosexuals.

Here goes only a small piece of Pavel Bezrukih' creation: The received wisdom names the male role 'Active' and the female role 'Passive'. Among normal people active homosexuals do not stand out of their appearance and behavior. The Passives bring the vivid example of a feminine man or masculine woman. Although the utter professionals transform into women totally, leaving nothing male in theirselves.

Nothing to comment. The full original version of the article (in Russian) you can find at the website.


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