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Singer-in-law asked President Putin to clear TV of "goggle-eyed gays" and "belligerent sodomites"


Alexander Novikov, bard and ex-prisoner, who has settled down in the mess field of so-called Russian chanson addressed the President of Russia an open letter entitled Blue Monkey show.

Mr. Novikov decided to begin his appeal with the shot summary presenting himself. Writing songs, praying God, making bells for the cathedral erected at the place where the Romanovs were killed these are only few of his deeds.

All the pathos of the letter is focused on the fact that Alla Pugacheva, whom Mr. Novikov calls a brothel mama, together with the swarm of narcissistic and vulgar hams has staged such a TV buffoonery that can only feel sorry for Russia.

Nowadays our country needs heroes more than ever before. And in order to bring up our boys into heroes in future their prototypes should be onscreen, in the books and in folk stories .today. Goatee gurus, crest-headed pussies, brothel-type primadonnas, Russophobe gigglers, belligerent sodomites and others of that ilk who are absolutely sexless all this company is not a proper example to strive for, Mr. Novikov complains to the President and making air of a hero voices concern over his artistic stage career that was squandered by a gay TV.  

Here we should mention the fact that Mr. Novikov, being interviewed by the yellow press journalists, has already voiced out homophobic statements. Though, as far as open homophobia is concerned, Novikov had always given way to his late colleague Mikhail Krug, who once wrote I wont ever shake hands with a sodomite.

So, servility virus in the face of ruling party power has burst out of any limits. President is addressed by the marginals declaring themselves patriots and as it has always been, the people to blame are Jews, gays and the London hermit. If it is worth to balm the authorities, the process should be brought to an absurd extreme.

I believe that our TV is ruled by the group of Berezovskys stalwarts who are jeering at the country. Among them are Ernst, Pugacheva, Krutoy said Mr. Novikov clearing up his views in one of the Moscow newspapers.

It is rather interesting what would be the response of the President-in-law to the appeal of the singer-in-law?

During the further developments, on the 29th of January in NTV channel program Novikov had to answer for his letter. Lolita Milyavskaya was the person to oppose Novikov.

Calling Leontiev and Kirkorov normal guys, Lolita said that all the feathers, skirts and make-up is a tribute to the Stanislavski system demanding the artistic stage transformation. But for the directors, said Lolita, perhaps we wouldnt have dressed like that. They said it is the trend nowadays.

Novikovs views turned out to be closer to the audience than Lolitas explanations. Judging from the studio phone calls, people voted for Novikov six times more often than for the belligerent sodomites

translated by Andrey L.

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