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Moscow City Duma asks public prosecutor to cope with "t.A.T.u"

Moscow city Duma public healthcare committee is considering a letter of inquiry to the Moscow prosecutor with the demand to clear up the question about possible involvement of group TaTu in drugs popularizing, Kommersant newspaper reported. According to Lydmila Stebenkova, the head of the committee, the main reason for the deputies concern turned out to be the words of one of the girls of the duet, in the film TaTus Anatomy shown by the CTC channel. The singer was talking about her drug experience.

As the deputy put it, city Duma is going to watch the documentary once again and judging from their impression compose the letter of appeal to the Moscow city prosecutor.

Boris Tselinsky, the head of the interdepartmental operation agency dealing with drug addiction prevention of State drug control department (Gosnarkokontrol) explained that it is impossible straight off to say this or that statement is popularizing drugs. According to the spokesman of Gosnarkokontrol, there should be the expert linguistic analysis as it was before, to make the conclusions about the meaning of the words by one of the girls from the group, Julia Volkova, aired by the CTC. If the expert examination considers the phrase once I gave it a try and then I gave it up to be drugs popularization, all the people responsible for airing this could face the fine of up to 500 minimum salaries. But you know, television shouldnt be held responsible for this, added Mr. Tselinsky, because most likely the phrase hadnt been mentioned in any screenplay.

CTC press service explained that the authors are in charge of all the content of TaTu in Podnebesnaya project. Vitaliy Manskiy, the director of TaTus Anatomy documentary and TaTu in Podnebesnaya TV show, confirmed that in the film there was a phrase which troubled the deputies so much. But Mr. Manskiy added that there is no chance for him to agree with the statement that it can be interpreted as drugs propaganda. Moreover, according to the director, the very essence of the documentary and TV show is to emphasize the idea of the life beauty without drugs.

In his turn Ivan Shapovalov,TaTu producer, said that there hadnt been any claims moved against him, but he expressed his readiness to meet Stebenkova, adding that it is better to contact directors of the show to know more about what is shot and arranged on CTC.

As Lydmila Stebenkova said, she had no intention to punish the duet, the producer or the TV channel. We just want to visit prosecutor and discuss whether it is OK when our wonderful singers say drugs are not so bad, Stebenkova remarked.

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