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"Indigo" is the first gay store in Moscow and it is now open!


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"Indigo" is the first gay store in Moscow and it is now open!

2005/11/12. Since the beginning of November the first specialized store for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals has opened its doors in Moscow. The store is called "Indigo" and was opened with the participation of Gay.Ru.

The 100 square meter store contains shelves of licensed DVDs and video-cassettes of films with gay and lesbian topics. All in all there are about 300 titles. The bookshelves are filled with more than 500 books in Russian and around 200 albums of male and female nudes. The collection of albums even contains the whole assortment of the European publisher "Bruno Gmunder." You will also find here the latest collection of the best underwear.

"Indigo" will not be able to sell erotic videos and sex products because Russian legislation does not contain a concrete definition for pornography. As a result of the imperfect legislation, those who sell "erotic products" regularly have problems with the authorities.

"This is not a sex shop," says the Russian gay activist and editor of the gay magazine "Kvir," Ed Mishin. "We would like homosexuals to have the opportunity to obtain literature, films and gay souvenirs in one place and in a calm atmosphere without having to be afraid of the stares and condemnation from the homophobic public."

The store is located in the very heart of Moscow about 50 meters from the entrance to the Moscow City Duma. Already a few deputies of the Duma have come forth and criticized the opening of "Indigo" in the center of the capital. On the one hand, the liberal deputy Evgeny Bunimovich from the party "Yabloko" has welcomed the opening of the store. "This proves that Moscow is a city that has reached the level of Europe." But on the other hand, Bunimovich stated that the store for gays and lesbians should not be located near organs of power, schools or churches because it goes against the moral laws of society. This statement was done during a press conference on the eve of the elections for the Moscow City Duma.


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