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The President of Bashkortostan denounced the propagation of same-sex love


The President of Bashkortostan denounced the propagation of same-sex love

Murtaza Rakhimov

2006/01/25. "... We need to limit the propagation of same-sex love on central television channels..." This statement came from the mouth of Murtaza Rakhimov, President of Bashkortostan, which is one of the northern republics of Russia.

As an example of "moral television" Rakhimov came forward with the political program "The Ninth Studio," which was shown on central television channels during Soviet times. Here we need to keep in mind that the program "The Ninth Studio" stigmatized such things as imperialistic groups, the Wests consumer society and the decaying of capitalism.

Murtaza Rakhimov, who is called a dictator by the Western press, has been in power in Bashkortostan for around 15 years. Bashkiria remains a republic, whose leadership is carrying out a battle against any type of display of different ways of thinking. In December of 2004, hundreds of people living in the Bashkir Blagoveshensk were subjected to unreasonable violence by the security services. This operation, undertaken by the special militia force of Bashkiria, became the topic of an investigation for the Russian authorities and international human rights organizations.

Rakhimov also blocked the discussion in the local parliament concerning the initiative of Deputy Edward Murzin, which discussed allowing same-sex marriages in the republic.


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