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Europe Reacts to Homophobic Statements by Moldovian MP

Press release by GenderDoc-M

Last week Center GenderDoc-M distributed a press-release to make public homophobic statements of Moldovan parliamentarian Vlad Cubreacov. In his interview to one of the biggest local newspapers "Jurnal National" he declared: "To be a homosexual doesn't only mean you are no longer mother or father, it means you are no longer a human being. Homosexuals are slaves of their own infatuations, directed by instincts. Homosexuality doesn't have an equivalent in animal world, and this is the most clear proof, that its origin is in the heads and souls of people, fallen in the face of God and the society in general".

Mr Cubreacov is the vice-president of the People's Christian Democrats Party, the third largest parliamentary party in the Republic of Moldova with 11 seats in the Parliament (out of 101). Cubreacov is also a member of Moldovan delegation at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, belonging to European People's Party Group. Cubreacov's statement runs in contradiction with European People's Party Group position on gay and lesbian rights expressed by group's leader during summer 2000 session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe .

During ten days after the incident Center GenderDoc-M has received many reactions on intolerant words of Mr. Cubreacov from members of the European Parliament, COE and international human rights organisations. In particular, Mrs. Lousewies van der Laan for D66, who declared:

"The statements of Mr. Cubreacov about homosexuals, reported in the Jurnal National, will do great harm to his country. It will make people in other European countries think that Moldavia is underdeveloped, because its politicians are allowed to discriminate and insult people just because they happen to be homosexual. Politicians should not promote hatred and bigotry, but solve the real problems of Moldavia.

It is true that that some people get uncomfortable when other people are different, especially when it involves sensitive subjects like love and sexuality. Politicians should not exploit such fears, but guarantee security to all its citizens. I believe it is not in the interest of Moldavia to distance itself from the rest of Europe by intolerant or extremist statements, whether these are directed against religious, ethnic or sexual minorities".

Other MEP, member of delegation to the parliamentary co-operation committees and delegations for relations with Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova Bartho Pronk declared: "The message you sent me today really shocked me. Of course I do not agree with the statement Mr. Cubreacov made. I will probably pay an official visit to Moldova in October and I will mention your point in this way".

And, finally, on July 17, 2001 homophobe Mr. Cubreacov received a fax from the president of EPP-group in the PACE, Rene van der Linden, in which among others, was stated:

"My attention as president of our EPP-group was drawn to an article published recently under the title "Moldovan parliamentarian delivers hate speeches against gays and lesbians in Moldova". IN this article you condemn homosexuality in extremely strong words.

May I draw your attention to the fact, that your opinion is clearly against the EPP-program in general, and against the conviction of our EPP-group in the Parliamentary assembly in particular as it is in strong contradiction as well with the conventions of the Council of Europe.

The respect for human dignity and integrity, whatever the sexual preference or disposition of the people concerned might be, is the base of our attitude and of our societal conviction.

It must be clear that you will have to change opinions about this if ever your political position is supposed to stay in line with our group and with our EPP-party".

Although decriminalised in 1995, homosexuality remains a taboo in Moldovan society, and homosexuals are one of the most discriminated and abused social groups, which is continuously blackmailed by the police.

Moldova is a former USSR state, situated by the Black Sea between Romania and Ukraine.

For more information please, contact us at phone (3732) 278 792, fax (3732) 567 551, e-mail:,, or write to: C.P. 422, MD 2004, Chisinau, Republica Moldova. Contact person: Maxim Anmeghichean.

July 19, 2001

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