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MTV Russia Endorses Homophobic Song

Tchugunnyi Skorohod Duo

On October 25th Vasyliy Strelnikov's TV Show (Live) Hush Hour hosted the duo Tchugunnyi Skorohod (Cast-iron Footman). The middle-aged rappers brought a pack of beer along with them, took their boots off and put them on Strelnikov's table for him to smell. It was their way to eliminate any doubts about their being brutal straight. But why all this? All this was because during the program they presented their new scandalous video "Fags are coming!" So the demonstrated image was very suitable for the situation.

In our country one can do anything he likes. And if American gays and their protecting organizations start creating scandals because the bombs used against the Talibs are inscribed with something like "Take this, Faggots!", Russian MTV channel easily broadcasts homophobic video which fountains about how difficult it is for a "straight" to live in the country where "lewd homosexuals boss over everything".

The song says that for a "straight" all doors are closed and faggots dominate everywhere. And if a "straight" wants to get a job he has to let faggot do him in the arse and there's no other way. That on TV there is faggot over faggot and they don't let hets to get close in no way (other than by doing in the arse). And so on and on... The song's choir is as simple as a repetitious "Fags are coming! Fags are coming!" And the video has respective content - a multiple imitation of anal sexual intercourse is shown where the faces of "participants" are hidden behind "smiley"s.

Of course, "Tchugunnyi Skorohod" are joking, they are laughing. Why are we taking all this so seriously? Unfortunately, once you have seen the video, you understand that after that you cannot say: "Didn't you get the joke?" Yes we all did but the jokes are unbridledly fascistic. In comparison to "Tchugunnyi Skorohod" Eminem pales with his homophobic rap. But it's been a long time now that he cannot sleep well - numerous waves of protest, endless trials with human rights protection organizations, practically forced "socializing" with Elton John. But here in our country nothing is forbidden.

In fact "Tchugunnyi Skorohod" shoo away from the public eye. We don't know anything about them. If you switch to MTV from time to time then it is unlikely that you miss the video. Just as a reminder, the video will appear in the nearest "12 Wicked TV Watchers" show.

Tatyana Ofigevshaya, Gay.Ru Special
Translated by Algrin, HS Association
6 November 2001

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