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Central Station, a Moscow Gay Club, has been damaged, not destroyed

Posters are broken

Costly equipment disappeared

Red Room appearance

"Faggots are not people"

Breach to the Nord Ost building

Ilia Abaturov, co-owner of the gay club Central Station, located in the same building as the musical Nord Ost's theater, gave his assessment as to what happened to his club and what to expect.

"We are recovering from the shock. We are trying to clean all of the dirt, blood and dust, that that fell upon us, which began with the hostage situation on October 23. I think that during this situation the majority of Russians were kept in a condition of uncertainty, horror and anticipation. However, when something happens around the corner it becomes even more terrifying. Then some of the journalists dared to report, "anonymous government sources suggested" we (Central Station) assisted the terrorists. Nevertheless, this could merely represent a test of the public opinion as to someone's belief that "faggots are not people - they'll sell anything - Russia, their own mothers, and their own asses"

Someone is manipulating public opinion in order to incite homophobia. They are saying, "Look at them faggots, nothing really matters to them".

But we do care. We are people! We care about others, remember every day, and feel empathy for every person who was injured or killed. But we also know we should move forward together despite homophobic movements and attitudes. We live in Moscow, one of the world's major cities, for God's sake. We will not just hide away despite what they write and say. And we don't need to justify ourselves to anybody. We live and work obeying the low as anyone else. And there is only one thing that sets us apart we are gays and nothing will ever change it.

Central Station suffered, but not beyond repair. Look at the pictures. The most awful thing is that there were not even any Chechens inside. It was Russians who caused all this destruction. Frankly, everything was ok during Alfa's and Vympel's occupation of our place (Russian special forces that used the building of the Central Station as their base for the anti-terrorist operation). All of this happened when militsiya (the Russian police) followed them after hostages were released.

Well, anyway, we will recover and after 40th day (referring to a Russian memorial tradition) we will reopen. Finally, gay means happy, not forgetful.

Translation by Dima Kitsov.

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