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Running for Presidency, Sergey Glazyev comes across a gay practical joke

Last week, compromising evidence against Sergey Glazyev, which has been published by some Russian mass media, got a new tinge of a pale blue gay love. According to the web-site, the Presidential candidate, scheming against Gennady Zyuganov as Communist party leader, hasnt formally denied his unconventional sexual orientation, unlike his former subordinate Boris Kuzyk, who had worked as a foreign trade aide to the Russian President.

The information was picked up by journalists in Kompromat magazine, which has already several times granted its help to President Putin, by regularly providing compromising evidence about his political rivals.

One of the latest issues of the magazine with the circulation of 100,000 is almost entirely concentrated on Sergey Glazyev. The article entitled Glazyev, Kuzyk, Kotelkin have originally got together sharing their common interest to bisexuals, states that Kuzyk is still practicing male oral sex, Kotelkin (the former head of Rosvooruzhenie, state weapons trading company) goes in for anal sex, while Glazyev prefers both kinds of sex.;
translation by Andrey L.


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