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No homosexuals allowed in new Duma

The painful redistribution of top jobs in the State Duma has finally been completed. United Russia (which secured the majority of seats in the lower house at last months elections) has, quite unexpectedly, given several key posts in house committees to virtual outsiders.

Gennadyi Raikov

Gennadyi Raikov, known for his abhorrence of homosexuals and an attempt to re-criminalize homosexuality a year ago, has been appointed the chairman of the committee for deputies ethics, a couple of days after defecting from the Peoples Party.

Raikov, the former leader of the Peoples Deputy Group (the Peoples Party), who announced his decision to join the United Russia faction only a day earlier, was entrusted the top post in the Duma credentials committee, which, among other things, will oversee deputies ethics.

by Gazeta.Ru


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27.04.03 Raykov. khramov: "russian democracy is more endangered not by the skinheads' bugbear engendered by kremlin's pr, but by fascist-style scoundrels in the duma who propose to introduce hitlerite laws"

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26.04.03: Deputy andrey vulf is going at the session of the state duma to hand over to gennady raykov a fascist flag for the initiative of the group "people's deputy" to introduce criminal punishment for homosexuality

24.04.03: Criminal responsibility for homosexuals: on friday, april 26, radicals dressed in prison clothes with pink triangles sewed on, will give to the leader of "people's deputy" faction nazist germany's flag as a present



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