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Please note that only message boards and chats that allow English messages are included in this list. For the complete list of Russian gay chats please refer to the Russian version of this list.


Gay.Ru English Message Board
Any message in English or other European languages. Personals, introductions, greetings, travelogues, classifieds, job and service offers etc.

Gay.Ru Job & Business Message Board
Russian and English. Job offers and job search. CVs and resumes. Opportunities for business partnerships and joint project development. Not limited to gay/lesbian projects.

Gay.Ru Apartments Message Board
Russian and English. Lease and rent of aparments and office space in all cities of Russia and ex-USSR. Long term and temporary stay. Search for roommates. Please do not forget to indicate the city where you look for an apartment/roommate.

Gay.Ru Links & Events Message Board
Russian and English. Links to new/updated gay and lesbian sites, including personal homepages. Information on gay events in Russia and ex-USSR. Information on activities and contact details of lesbigay organizations.

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